Tips for AC Repair Before and After Storm Damage

Tips for AC Repair Before and After Storm Damage

While most homeowners are concerned about windows, roofs and trees after a tornado strikes, the home’s air conditioning system could also be vulnerable. Once the storm danger goes away, and the home once again has power, homeowners should learn how tornadoes can damage HVAC systems before getting back to normal.

Lightning Strikes

Because a home’s central air system uses the home’s main power supply to cool the home, any interruption in power can cause an issue. When lightning strikes near the home or hits it directly, the power surge can flood circuit breakers and fry electronics that are plugged into the circuit.

By installing surge protectors at breaker boxes, homeowners can absorb some of the charges before it can cause damage. However, cable and telephone wiring can allow lightning to get into the home without entering through the breakers. To stop power surges from damaging the AC equipment, it’s sometimes necessary for an AC Repair technician to install surge protection components on the unit itself.


It’s worth mentioning that tornadoes are often accompanied by more than lightning and damaging winds. Hail commonly occurs during severe thunderstorms, and anything outside the home-;including the HVAC unit-;can be hit when the weather turns poor.

One way to protect the unit’s most fragile parts is for an AC Repair technician to install hail guards over it. As beneficial as these guards are, however, there are limits to what they can do; small debris that becomes airborne during tornadoes can get through the guard and get caught in the unit. If this occurs, the homeowner should call a technician for assistance.

Water Damage

While frequent hail and lightning strikes are common with tornadoes, slower-moving storms can drop significant amounts of rain over small areas. Not only can a flood cause problems with an outdoor HVAC unit, but it can also bring dirt, debris and grass into the system as water rises.

Before storm season begins, it is wise to have the home’s HVAC system inspected by Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning. A good evaluation can help the technician determine if the unit is high enough above flood stage, and it can give the homeowner peace of mind.

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