In Home Nursing Care Services: Not Just A Visiting Nurse

In Home Nursing Care Services: Not Just A Visiting Nurse

Patients returning from a hospital or those who are homebound often need extra help. They may find support from family members and friends. However, if they require medical attention, such measures will not be enough. They may have to have the type of medical aid provided only through in home nursing care services.

In Home Nursing Care

Professionals who handle home visits are more than visiting nurses. They are capable of addressing a variety of concerns and issues relating to the overall well-being of the patient. They understand the diverse aspects of home nursing. During their stay, they must access and address such things as:

* Patient Safety: Without a safe environment, patients may end up back in the hospital. With every patient and each environment different, nurses must be able to assess conditions and communicate the necessity of addressing any potential risks to patient safety

* Confidentiality: A fine line exists between patient confidentiality and the right of both patients and family to know what is happening. Nurses need to know their legal obligations in such situations

* Communication: Communication is an integral component of ensuring patients meet designated goals, e.g., improved health, safety, pain management. Nurses must be able to communicate accurately and comprehensively with all involved parties including patients, medical professionals, and family/friends.

* Respect: Those who provide in house nursing care services must respect the rights of the patient. They have a say in their treatment, services and other related matters. You are in their home. For example, if a patient does not want to take his/her medication, you cannot order him/her to do so.

In Home Nursing Care Services

Homebound patients require help in conducting their daily affairs. While family may form an integral component of their support team, medical care may be necessary. Providers of in house nursing care services ensure their professionals understand the situation and all its nuances sending someone who is so much more than a visiting nurse.

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