Improve Your Life with CISCO Certification in Daytona Beach

Improve Your Life with CISCO Certification in Daytona Beach

While the economic outlook in many areas of the United States is getting better, it is still difficult to find employment for many people with limited skills. However, by taking computer courses and obtaining a CISCO certification in Dayton Beach, students with some IT experience can find themselves a higher paying job.

What Is CISCO Certification?

CISCO certification in Daytona Beach involves learning networking skills for the IT systems designed and manufactured by Cisco Systems, Inc. While they are not the only company that makes computer networking equipment, Cisco was one of the first companies to manufacture and sell the equipment. Their equipment is used in businesses throughout the world.

Types of CISCO Certification

There are five levels of certification offered by Cisco Systems:

1. Entry – CCENT
2. Associate – CCNA/CCDA
3. Professional – CCNP/CCDP
4. Expert – CCIE/CCDE
5. Architect – CCAR

Along with the various levels of certification, there are also eight categories for certification:

1. Routing and Switching
2. Design
3. Network Security
4. Service Provider
5. Service Provider Operations
6. Storage Networking
7. Voice
8. Datacenter and Wireless

Where Can You Take Certification Courses?

CISCO certification in Daytona Beach is taught at schools that are approved as Cisco Networking Academies. A Cisco Networking Academy offers CCNA and above level certifications. All of the courses are taught by instructors who at least have a CCNA certificate. Cisco Networking Academies are located in many places around the world, including Daytona Beach.

What Are the Requirements for Certification?

In order to be eligible to take a CISCO certification course, interested parties should have some experience in the IT field. CCNA courses target people who have one to three years of experience as a Network Administrator, a Network Specialist or a Network Support Engineer.

If people are interested in a CCNA certification in Routing and Switching, they must have some basic computer knowledge, such as knowing the difference between hardware and software. They must also know about file systems and have some experience with the Windows operating system, specifically with Windows 7 and 8. CompTIA Network + certification, or the equivalent skills are also required.

Length of the Course

The course for CISCO certification in Daytona Beach is a five-day long. A student needs to take the course and pass the exam in order to receive their certification. The five day course is led by an instructor and the cost also includes the voucher needed to take the exam, preparation software for the exam and a hard copy of the courseware.

If you are interested in taking the course for CISCO certification in Daytona Beach, or anywhere else, you should contact the school as soon as possible. This course usually has a waiting list for classes well into the future because they are so popular.

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