Avoid Unexpected Auto Failure With Quality Car Service in Tulsa


An automobile is a very complex arrangement of mechanical components that generate motive power and transfers that power to the wheels. Power generation begins in the engine where the fuel is burned. These controlled explosions push against the pistons which turns the crankshaft and sends power to the transmission. This happens so often that engines can generate many thousands of RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). Internal combustion engines also generate a lot of heat and internal residue. Some of this problem is dealt with by replacing the old motor oil with fresh oil and changing the filter. This is usually done when you take the vehicle in for regular Car Service Tulsa.

Another important concern is the coolant. This fluid is required to keep the engine at a specific temperature. While this value changes, most engines run best at about one hundred and sixty degrees Fahrenheit. It is possible to operate an engine using only water, but water alone will not properly lubricate the cooling components. This is necessary to extend the life of water pumps and ensure better flow through the radiator. The latter is useful because the coolant system can build up scale deposits inside which need to settle at the bottom of the radiator. Coolant systems should be flushed occasionally to eliminate any residue inside of them. Click here for more details.

Other important aspects of Car Service Tulsa include inspection and lubrication. Inspecting the vehicle can find a lot of potential problems like damaged belts and worn hoses. These seemingly minor parts are actually critical to proper function. The hoses carry engine coolant required for proper operation while the belts ensure that external components turn as required. For example, one belt is used to drive the alternator. This generator provides a necessary electrical supply for ignition, headlights and other things including charging the battery. In some vehicles there is a wide belt that handles all of these systems. When one of these belts break, your car will eventually grind to a halt leaving you stranded on the road. You can usually avoid these types of situations by taking your vehicle to an expert like Tate Boys Tire & Service.

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