IBM Mainframe Solutions To Make Mailing Easier


You’ll find a variety of USPS software options available for company use, but many of them aren’t designed to work with the IBM Mainframe. Therefore, you may think that you’ve got no options unless you want to change your systems, but solutions are available. Some companies now offer a variety of software options, including USPS CASS and Presort options for these mainframes.

Why They’re Offered

Primarily, company owners want to be able to take advantage of mail discounts and have accurate information. Companies have come up with a cost-effective alternative to going through the United States Postal Service or just not having the option at all.

Companies are consistently trying to improve their services, lower costs and consolidate vendors, which is why they’ve come up with these solutions for the IBM Mainframe.

Your Options

Primarily, you’ve got a wide variety of choices for address correction, change-of-address processing, and standardization, among others.

Change-of-address information is a necessity for businesses everywhere, as most customers don’t remember to give you a call to update your systems. This way, you get the most up-to-date information and ensure that your mail arrives at its destination.

Likewise, it’s necessary to have address standardization to make sure that everything is correct. For example, you may not realize that John Doe’s address says Avenue, but should really be AVE. Likewise, the software will be able to correct spelling mistakes, add or remove periods and anything else to ensure that the address is correct.

Afterward, IBM Mainframe solutions will also validate the address. Just because someone gives you their address doesn’t mean it is legitimate. You can send out hundreds of pamphlets, brochures and the like and they never receive them. You’ll ensure that every address is real and can have mail delivered to it, which can save time, money and energy.

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