3 Reasons to Choose a Math Tutor for Your Child


Grades are not the only thing that should be pushing you to get a math tutor for your child. Of course, grades are a very persuasive reason to hire a math tutor but there are 3 other reasons that you may want to take into consideration that are at the very least equally important.

Math, Its Important!

Math matters and so many children struggle with it, which leads us to the # 1 reason you should be considering a tutor. Studies have shown that tutoring builds more than knowledge it helps to build confidence in a subject. When your child is given the remedial training that they need in any subject it helps to shore up the foundation of what they are learning in class.

The other 2 reasons are:

1. More one on one detailed information is shared
2. Tutoring is not a graded session so it is a lot less stressful way to learn

The reality in today’s classrooms even “small class sizes” can mean one teacher to 20 students. That does not leave a lot of room for one on one instruction time nor does it guarantee that every student’s learning style is going to be addressed, as a matter of fact it means just the opposite. It is very easy to get lost in the shuffle.  Studies have shown that one year of “bad” instruction or being in an over populated classroom can affect the next 4 years of learning.

Its Stress Free

Learning during tutoring is more effective because it is a stress-free environment. Everything that is done in a classroom environment is geared toward being able to pass a test, this can interfere with the learning process. It is far easier to transfer learning into long term memory when the stress is removed.  Growing Stars is an online tutoring opportunity that can make a difference!

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