How to Pick an Engagement Ring Design That Fits Your Girlfriend’s Style

How to Pick an Engagement Ring Design That Fits Your Girlfriend’s Style

Engagement ring styles have evolved over time to incorporate designs that may have not been in earlier collections.  Even so, diamonds have always been the favorite stone loved by women all over the world, making diamond engagement rings Johannesburg a “must have” for men planning to propose. Apart from saving up for a diamond ring, they are also expected to pick out the perfect ring design that will leave her in wonderfully surprised and saying “YES” to the proposal.

So, how do you make sure you pick out the perfect ring from the wide selection of diamond rings that are available in jewelery shops? Here are some ring designs that are a favorite of many women and are likely to impress your girlfriend when you ask her to marry you.

*Love Knot
Engagement rings with this design are very popular because of its universal symbol that communicates commitment as well as eternal love. The timeless design features a metal curves that have been looped over each other to resemble a knot. In most cases, the diamond is mounted at the centre of the ring which makes it stand out when you slip it on her finger. To make the ring more special invest in a high quality diamond to enhance its overall appearance.

Among the diamond engagement rings Johannesburg that will certainly leave her stunned is the halo design. On this ring, you find a center stone, a diamond, encircled by other small ones which give it a chance to stand out when it is displayed on the one’s finger. Although the ring design enhances the appearance of the center stone, it will be prominent if the diamond used is well cut or has a higher carat than those surrounding it.  If your girlfriend has always wanted a ring that her friends will notice as soon as she says she is engaged, then this is the ring for her.

Women that love classic styles will appreciate a solitaire engagement ring because of its simple design that still stands out because of the single diamond at its center. The diamond is held in place by prongs which keep it in its setting. If you have an idea of your girlfriend’s favorite type of diamond style then you can have it designed to fit her desire so that she can appreciate the effort you put into choosing it.

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