Are the New Water Meters Safe?


For some reason, many people are raising a great deal of concern about today’s smart technology with high tech instruments and water meter fittings. In fact, there are claims about “Big Brother is Watching” and wireless technology can actually be a hazard to your health. Let’s take a closer look at these issues to help remove much of the myths and misconceptions involved.

Are Radio Frequency Waves Harmful to Your Health?

Smart meters communicate with radio frequency technology. Radio frequency waves (RF) are a form of electromagnetic radiation. This is not to be confused with radioactivity like energy emitted from radium or other radioactive substances. RF waves vibrate at specific frequencies.

Many of the concerns about RF waves involve ionization. This occurs when atoms lose their electrons and exposure can cause changes in body tissue, which can result in damage or mutated genetic material. This can be a hazard to many living things. It can be a problem with ionizing energy from gamma rays and x-rays, because they possess a high degree of electromagnetic radiation.

RF waves do not have the intense electromagnetic radiation associated with dangerous radioactivity. In fact, RF does not result in ionization at all and it is not considered to be dangerous. So, your high tech water meter fittings and equipment are not going to cause radiation sickness or health concerns.

Invasion of Privacy

When you broadcast a signal over the air, it can be intercepted. However, why would someone be interested in how much water you are currently using? In addition, modern technology offers encrypted signals which render data useless once it has been intercepted. Yet, even if the data was not encrypted, it’s not like anyone could use it to steal your identity.

Suppose someone accessed data from your meter. They would have total water usage information only. There is no way to know how many times you flushed the toilet or took a shower. No one will know if you ran the clothes washing machine or dishwasher, or when you performed these tasks.
Thanks to smart water meter fittings capable of wireless communications, your privacy is actually enhanced. There is no longer the need for people you don’t know to enter your property to read the meter.

What about Accuracy?

Digital meters are much more accurate than the old analog type. In addition, because they can provide real time information, it makes it possible to detect issues like leaks and service outages faster. This not only improves service, it makes it more convenient.

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