How to deal with basement flooding


There are specific indications of spring that all of us welcome: increased daylight, cheery daffodils, and chirping of birds that return from their winter vacations. Alongside those wonderful signs of spring, a less inviting sign might be a yearly occurrence for you basement flooding. Oftentimes, spring rains bring the worst out in flawed foundations and grading, and leave homeowners with a mess. If you never have had to handle basement flooding before, there is a set of procedures to getting everything back in order.

First off, get rid of water. If you do not have sump pumps in Mecklenburg County, NC it’s possible to rent one from a home improvement retailer. If you have more than a couple of of inches of water, you may want to call in a professional like Dry Otter Waterproofing that specializes in crawl space encapsulation and sealed crawl space services. They own more powerful equipment and are able to quickly get the job done. After water is extracted, you must dry things out. Offer as much ventilation as you can to reduce the probability of mold growth. Open all of the doors and windows, and make use of fans to boost air circulation.

Gutters and Downspouts
Keep all gutters free of debris and then position downspouts out away from the foundation. Your objective includes draining storm water at least 3’ away, so if needed, consider running troughs or extensions.

Cracks in the Foundation
Use epoxy in order to fill all foundation cracks and if warning indications are detected, apply some masonry sealer inside. For more severe problems, contact a professional.

Sump Pumps
If you own a below grade sump pump, see if the well is free from debris. If you own a portable pump, position it within the lowest area of the basement and make certain it is connected with a power source.

Sewers and Septics
If you have not had your septic tank cleaned or sewer inspected, spring is an excellent time to address those concerns.

Window Well Covers
If you own below grade basement windows, put in window well covers which will securely fasten to your property’s foundation. To learn more on our Sump Pumps in Mecklenburg County, NC services, contact Dry Otter Waterproofing at 704.966.1771.

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