Signs of a Leaky Basement in Natick, MA

by | May 22, 2018 | Water Proofing

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Basements can offer homeowners a useful space to store items and if they are fully finished, they can even serve as valuable extra living space. However, they can only serve these purposes if they are kept dry and clean and even minor leaks can cause substantial water damage. Read on to find out about a few common signs of a Leaky Basement in Natick MA to determine whether there are steps that must be taken prior to refinishing or using a basement.

Mold is Present

Mold only grows in areas that have excessive moisture and insufficient air exchange, so if there is mold growing in a basement, it’s a sure sign that water is infiltrating. Mold can cause substantial property damage and even potentially severe health problems, especially in households where one or more residents have existing allergy problems. Most molds emit a strong, earthy odor, which should not be ignored even if no visible signs of mold are present.

Cracks in Concrete

Concrete cracking occurs naturally over time and should be addressed in a timely manner to avoid leaks. If the foundation is waterproofed, any cracks that develop will be denied an entry point. If the basement has not been waterproofed, though, these cracks can be a source of leaks.

Water Stains

When water stains are beginning to appear high up on basement walls it is often symptomatic of an underlying runoff problem. The source of this runoff infiltration must be determined in order to prevent further damage before the waterproofing treatment can be completed. A basement waterproofing expert will be able to determine the root cause of a leaky basement in Natick MA prior to beginning treatment.

Improperly Patched Tie Holes

Poured concrete foundations feature tie holes, which are left behind after the steel rods or wood used to hold the foundation in place are removed. If these are not properly patched, it can lead to weak spots, which can lead to the infiltration of water into the basement when it floods. Visit website to learn about the different techniques and methods that basement waterproofing contractors use to identify and repair these and other serious issues to get started today.

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