Tips for Residential Waterproofing in Fairfax, VA

Tips for Residential Waterproofing in Fairfax, VA

Virginia homeowners want to keep their basements dry to prevent water damage, mold from growing, or foundation damages. Homeowners can complete some waterproofing tasks themselves, but they often hire contractors to help with Residential Waterproofing in Fairfax VA. Follow these suggestions to help keep basements free from water damage.


Keeping water away from basement walls is key to a dry basement. Install downspout discharge lines that extend away from the foundation and out into the yard. Homeowners could even have these discharge lines drain into an underground dry well. The gutter systems were installed to direct rain away from the house, but the gutters do require periodic maintenance to keep them operating optimally. If the gutters are not adequately maintained, they will fill with debris and the water will merely pour over the side and saturate the ground near the foundation. Be sure to keep the gutters clean and free from debris by cleaning them annually or installing gutter guards.


Homes should have soil that slopes away from the house. This will reduce the amount of water that builds up near the foundation and prevent leaking. Most homes are built in this manner but, over time, the slope can change through time, landscaping, or even home improvement projects. Simply adding a few inches of soil near the foundation line will help the yard slope away from the house. When adding landscaping, be sure the top of the landscaping soil is at least six inches below the top of the foundation.

Install a Sump Pump

A sump pump will collect the water in the home and pump that water outside to keep it away from the house. Check to see if gutters, downspouts, and grading will solve the problem before going to the expense of adding a sump pump. Once a sump pump has been installed, be sure to keep it properly maintained so it will operate correctly. Some homeowners install a second sump pump if they find the first one is running almost continually.

Where to Find Help

The suggestions above are all things a homeowner can do themselves or by hiring a contractor. Browse our website for more information about residential waterproofing in Fairfax VA or to request a free inspection and estimate.

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