How Pediatricians Recognize & Treat Childhood Dehydration


One major cause of injury and even death among young children and infants is dehydration. It is usually a symptom or indication of another disorder. Pediatricians know infants, in particular, are susceptible to the problems associated with dehydration. They recognize the signs and provide their patients in Salt Lake City with the appropriate treatment.

Common Signs and Causes

If your infant/child is suffering from dehydration, it may offer up any of the following indicators:

  • Lips – cracked and dry
  • Mouth – dry
  • Skin – cold or dry
  • Eyes – sunken
  • Urine – output dark-colored or none at all for between 8 to 12 hours
  • Behavior – sleepy or irritable
  • Energy levels – low seeming very weak or limp
  • Head (infants) – a sunken soft spot (fontanelle)

These may result from an increased loss or decreased intake of fluids or both. This may be the result of an issue with the gastrointestinal tract producing vomiting and/or diarrhea.


Pediatricians agree the best and only treatment is to replace the lost fluids. The oral method is the best means of doing so. However, the condition of the infant will determine whether this is possible. At times, intravenous fluid replacement is the only and better option. Oral is the recommended method for mild and moderate dehydration. However, if your child suffers from severe dehydration, the commended method is IV fluid replacement. Your pediatrician in Salt Lake City can determine from symptoms and their ranking on the dehydration scale, the best approach to the health problem as well as follow-up procedures.

Pediatricians: Treating Dehydration

Because of their metabolism, infants are particularly vulnerable to dehydration. In Salt Lake City, pediatricians recognize the risk of mortality lurking behind this health problem. If your child shows any indications of dehydration, try to rehydrate orally and consult your pediatrician or another medical professional immediately.

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