4 AR15 Accessories Everyone Needs To Have


The AR15 is a weapon that is made to be tinkered with and added onto with a variety of different aftermarket parts that are custom made for fit. By choosing a high-quality aftermarkets parts manufacturer, any AR15 owner can enjoy a personalized look without compromising on accuracy, safety or the efficiency of these guns.

While there are a significant number of different options in AR15 accessories to choose from, here are four that are typically some of the first to be changed out from stock items to aftermarket options.


The standard Back Up Iron Sights or BUIS on the AR15 are fine for many shooters. However, for some optics and for different styles of shooting they may not be the best choice.

Consider the low-profile types of iron sights and keep them on the gun in the event that the optics should fail. With pop-up sight designs, they are very streamlined to the weapon when not in use.

Charging Handle

The charging or bolt handle is an important part of the safe operation of the weapon. There are new designs offered by a small number of manufacturers of AR15 accessories that reduce the risk of blow back into the shooters face, which is a safety consideration that is certainly essential.

Handguards and Rails

From free-floating to drop-in, there will be a range of different styles, types, and options of handguards and rails available. These AR15 accessories are important to consider based on the types of items you wish to mount on the weapon. Most shooters will use the quad rails, but there are other options to consider as well.

Muzzle Brakes

The choice of a quality muzzle brake will not only add to the look of the gun, but it will also help to reduce the recoil as well as to stabilize the muzzle during firing.

With different styles and looks to these accessories, any AR15 can be easily personalized and customized to create just the weapon you want.

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