Buying Hydraulic Cylinders For Sale Online: What Buyers Need To Know

Buying Hydraulic Cylinders For Sale Online: What Buyers Need To Know

Buying equipment and parts online is a cost-effective option when you need a replacement cylinder or cylinders for a prototype or small volume order. There are a few companies that specialized in custom cylinder design and manufacturing, but not all of these companies are able to provide the same cylinders and value-added services.

Before shopping for hydraulic cylinders for sale and placing an order, there are a few different issues that the buyer should check. This will ensure the cylinders will the highest quality and will perform under the given operating conditions.


Take the time to compare the various quotes for custom hydraulic cylinders for sale from the top companies. There may be companies that offer extremely low pricing, which should raise a concern as to the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship that goes into the product.

Quality control through the design, engineering and manufacturing processes should be a priority for the company. By choosing companies with a significant period of time in the industry, you can be assured of quality cylinder production.

Turnaround Time

One of the big issues in ordering hydraulic cylinders for sale is the turnaround time from the order to the delivery. For some customer manufacturers, this can be a few months, while other companies can provide custom cylinders in just a few weeks. Speeding up delivery of the cylinder by two to ten weeks will be a very big difference if machines are offline or equipment is out of service waiting for the parts to arrive.

Value-Added Services

In addition to standard charge fast production and delivery, consider companies that can provide additional services in-house. Having the ability to wash and paint cylinders to the specifications of customers is ideal for Original Equipment Manufacturer for the prototype as well as volume production.

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