Hiring Solicitors in Edinburgh for Theft and Fraud Cases

by | Oct 28, 2014 | Lawyers

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Did you know that identity-related crimes are among the most common types of crime in the United Kingdom? Your identity is a very valuable thing because without it, you would struggle to perform day-to-day duties, such as driving, going to the bank, using your passport, etc. Should you be the victim of a theft or fraud, you should get in touch with solicitors in Edinburgh for help. So long as the solicitor has studied a qualifying law degree and has worked with satisfied clients in the past, you can rely on him or her to provide powerful representation for the following types of cases.

Identity Theft

As the fastest growing crime in the United Kingdom, it’s not surprising that solicitors in Edinburgh have to deal with identity theft cases all of the time. By working with a specialist in this field, you can get your identity restored and the person responsible punished in whatever way necessary. Identity theft can happen to anyone, no matter what their age, location or occupation. The annual cost to the UK economy is ¬£1.8 billion and if you are a victim, you may have difficulty obtaining credit, securing housing and even getting employment. This is why it is so important to hire professional help.

Identity Fraud

Similar to identity theft, identity fraud is when a criminal creates an identity and uses it to forge documents for the benefit of services or products. It may take months for the criminal’s activity to be noticed but when it is, the court may decide that the maximum prison term of 10 years is suitable. Someone who gets charged with identity fraud will have a criminal record, and will be forced to deal with damaged credit, financial issues and Social Security losses. With good representation from solicitors in Edinburgh, the punishment can be reduced slightly.

Facility Takeover Fraud

Intelligent criminals who manage to get their hands on personal documents and sensitive information, such as passwords, could commit facility takeover fraud. This crime can be committed on a small or large scale, and it involves bypassing the security on an individual’s accounts. When security has been hacked, the criminal will be able to run the accounts and decide what activity takes place, which can be extremely dangerous, particularly if facility takeover fraud happens within a business system.

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