How Surveyors in Swindon Could Help You Make the Right Property Purchase


Have you been searching for a new home, but have been on the fence about making an investment? If so, surveyors in Swindon could help you make the right decision. Someone who is acknowledged by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) can carry out an inspection of the property, before figuring out if repairs are necessary. Should there be any structural problems or faults, solutions will be recommended. With this advice and the following assistance, you can weigh up your options and decide whether or not the asking price is reasonable.

Solving Disputes

Nobody wants to deal with arguments and disputes when they are searching for a new home because, at the end of the day, this is supposed to be a happy and exciting time! In the event that a tradesman is being difficult in performing repairs that comply with building regulations, the surveyors in Swindon can have a word and get things sorted. How, you ask? Well, these professionals have a lot of contacts, and they can easily hire someone to evaluate the property’s existing condition. Once evaluated, problems can be dealt with if necessary, and you can feel confident about investing and signing contracts.

Helping with Planning Applications

It doesn’t matter where you live or what type of property you want to construct, because planning applications are absolutely essential. Surveyors in Swindon can fill these out for you, which could save you hours of sifting through paperwork and trying to convince the Local Planning Authority to allow for construction to commence. By meeting UK planning laws you can avoid dilemmas and make sure the property meets the highest levels for energy efficiency.

Completing a Survey

A full building survey should be commissioned if you feel that every inch of the home needs inspecting before you buy. A photo won’t show hidden flaws, and neither will a tour in most places. This is why a survey ought to be conducted before the home is displayed on a property website, because failure to highlight flaws will cost the buyer more money in the long-run. This in-depth assessment is crucial if you have your eyes on a dilapidated property, because older properties are more susceptible to problems. Make sure the person completing the survey is accredited by the RICS before paying for services.

You can select an appropriate type of survey if you work with surveyors in Swindon at Robert White Associates.

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