Important Information About Motorcycle Insurance in Tulsa OK


If you own a motorcycle, you need to purchase Motorcycle Insurance in Tulsa OK. Insurance can protect you if you collide with another vehicle or if your bike is damaged by someone else. In Oklahoma, you are required to have liability insurance. Liability insurance will pay for any bodily or property damage that you cause. If you want to protect yourself though, you need to purchase additional insurance coverage.

Collision Coverage
If you run into another object, such as a vehicle, building or tree that is stationary , collision coverage will cover any damage to your motorcycle.

Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive coverage covers just about any damage to your motorcycle that is not caused by another vehicle. It covers any losses that you sustain due to theft or vandalism. It will also cover you if you are involved in a hit and run accident. It will also cover you if your motorcycle is damaged due to hitting an animal or from a natural occurrence such as a wind, fire, hail or water.

Roadside Assistance
If you ever get a flat tire while you are out on your bike, roadside assistance will have you covered. If you ever get a dead battery or breakdown, your roadside assistance will send a tow truck out for you.

Collector’s Bike Coverage
If you own an antique motorcycle that is more than 25 years old, you may need to purchase antique motorcycle coverage. It will cover the cost and the value of your vintage bike.

Accessories and Custom Parts Coverage
If you deck out your bike, your insurance coverage will not cover it. You need to get accessory and custom parts coverage. This will cover items you install on your bike such as the following:

1. Luggage Racks

2. Custom Seats

3. Radios

4. Highway Pegs

5. Special Tires

6. Custom Paint Work

7. Safety Guards

8. Fairings

9. Sissy Bar

Make sure that you have all the Motorcycle Insurance in Tulsa OK that you need. You are required to have liability coverage. You can also choose to purchase comprehensive coverage, collector’s bike coverage, accessory and custom parts coverage and roadside assistance. You can click here to investigate more info about motorcycle coverage.

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