Getting a Root Canal in East Longmeadow MA Is Nothing to Fear

by | Sep 12, 2014 | Dentist

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No one ever wants to hear that they need a Root Canal East Longmeadow MA. This very important dental procedure has gotten a bad reputation over the years, but the rumors are not true. A root canal is virtually painless. The procedure not only eliminates tooth pain, but it also saves teeth that would otherwise need to be pulled. Undergoing this dental procedure is nothing to fear, and in the end, your smile will thank you.

A Root Canal East Longmeadow MA is used on teeth that have become infected. Healthy teeth feel no pain. However, if a tooth becomes compromised because of decay or injury, it will become extremely sensitive to both hot and cold. At this point, the nerve of the tooth is dying. There are only two options in this situation, extraction or root canal therapy. If no treatment is sought, the infection can spread to other teeth or even into the bloodstream.

Before a Root Canal East Longmeadow MA, the patient may be prescribed antibiotics to kill any bacterial infection. Once the infection is under control, the dentist will completely numb the mouth so the patient doesn’t feel any pain. A deep hole is drilled into the tooth, all the way down to the root. The infected pulp and nerve of the affected tooth are completely removed. The empty space is then filled with a rubber compound, and the tooth is permanently sealed. This stops the pain and prevents any further infection. A root canal feels no different than having a regular cavity filled. After the procedure, the remaining tooth is structurally weaker than before. Most dentists will recommend a dental crown to add more strength to the tooth. Patients must return to have a crown specially made.

Not all toothaches require a root canal, but any dental pain should be examined by a dentist. Tooth pain is considered a dental emergency that needs to be addressed immediately. If the nerve of a tooth becomes infected, a Root Canal East Longmeadow MA may be the best option. This common procedure saves countless teeth every year, and contrary to popular belief, it is not painful at all.

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