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30% of the population over age 60 has hearing disorders. More than half of patients with presbycusis (hearing loss due to age) have tinnitus (ringing) of varying intensity. Keep in mind that people of all ages have hearing issues. The Best Hearing Aids in Allentown PA could help you hear the joys of life once again.

What is it?

There is a decrease in the ability of the ear to perceive sounds; at its most extreme case, no sound is heard. Sound is a mechanical vibration of air (solid, liquid or gas); the audition process begins by collecting the vibration (which makes the ear hear) and sends it into the ear (ear canal). The next step is amplification, starting with the vibration of the eardrum, which is transmitted by the ossicles to the stapes footplate. The sound is then amplified about 28 times (the eardrum is 28 times larger than the stapes footplate).

The vibration of the footplate causes a liquid to move within the shell, making cilia move (think of wheat swaying in the wind). This movement generates an electrical pulse that is picked up by acoustic nerves, and these are sent to the brain and then interpreted as sound. If any of these steps are impeded, it causes a decrease in hearing. Presbycusis is decreased hearing efficiency linked to ageing, caused by damage to the auditory system; is bilateral (both ears) and symmetrical (both ears equally).

What causes it?

With presbycusis, the cause is the deterioration of the entire auditory system (the eardrum hardens causing it to vibrate less). Since age is the same in both ears, presbycusis is bilateral and symmetrical (both ears are affected similarly). Certain factors which, when added to this loss, cause sooner or perceived ear diseases in childhood or youth. Certain jobs that expose you to loud noises for a long time (military, blacksmiths, engineers, etc.), or exposure to certain substances that are toxic to the ear (aspirin at high doses for a long time, chemotherapy or some antibiotics), can also cause deafness.

Hearing aids

There is no medical treatment to completely restore hearing loss. The main treatment is the fitting of the Best Hearing Aids in Allentown PA. A hearing aid is a device that consists of a microphone and a speaker. One factor is CRUCIAL when getting a hearing aid -; do it early. Visit Allen-ent.com for more details.

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