Try a Local Broker for Car Insurance Quotes in Philadelphia

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Insurance

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There are many places to get car insuracne quotes in Philadelphia, but many of them are limited in their options. Online-only sites typically focus on only the most popular options, and some of them don’t offer any way to adjust the coverage assumptions to get a quote that will actually be relevant. Others just send your contact information out to a bunch of different agents, which forces you to endure a tsunami of calls and pitches that go on long after you’ve decided with policy to buy.


One of the best options is to get a quote from a modern insurance broker like The Imperial Agency. Such agencies have integrated online quote options and phone options so that it’s possible to get accurate cost estimates either way. Online, it takes just 3-5 minutes to get a car insurance quote. The forms will ask about your location, car, drivers, any important incidents, and what specific coverage options you want. This allows the system to generate a quote that will be accurate rather than one that is based on assumptions which may not fit your situation.


Getting a quote over the phone is just as easy. The main difference with a phone quote is that it’s only an option during business hours. You’ll also be able to ask the agent any specific questions you have. If you need guidance in choosing coverage, this is the way to go.


If you want information about different types of insurance, calling is also the option to choose. Most online forms focus on car insurance, and that’s great when you’re looking for car Insurance Quotes in Philadelphia. If you’re interested in quotes for house insurance, contractors’ insurance, cargo insurance or other unique types, you’ll likely need to call in. That’s because other types of insurance have more variables to consider, so they don’t lend themselves to online automation as well as automobile coverage does.


There’s no need to worry about ending up with some no-name insurance company when you get quotes from a local broker. Most brokers worth with a variety of well-known companies, some of which have a nationwide presence. Therefore, you can rest assured that the quotes you get will be from real, solid companies that will be able to handle any claims or other issues that may arise.

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