Roofing Storm Damage in Bellevue WA – What Should You Do?

Roofing Storm Damage in Bellevue WA – What Should You Do?

If your roofing in Bellevue WA is in good condition, you may not worry about repairs or replacement for many years. However, no one can plan for disasters like large thunderstorms, wind storms, and tornadoes. They can strike without warning and leave your home devastated. If you suffer a roofing catastrophe, it is a good idea to know what to do, and these disaster tips are here to help.

Check Your Roof

Try to assess what kind of damage you received. However, make sure the danger is over before venturing outside. If the damage occurs at night, it is nearly impossible to check out your roofing in Bellevue WA safely.

When you check the roof, you should not climb a ladder and get up there if you have signs of major damage. This is a good way to get injured. Instead, use a telescope, rifle scope, or binoculars. Look for missing shingles, exposed felt paper, or wood.

Temporary Repairs

Use containers to catch water leaking inside to protect the home interior from further damage. Missing shingles are temporarily repaired with wet/dry roofing cement. Tarps are some of the best things to use, and you should have one or two large tarps put away for emergencies. In times of disaster, they are in short supply.


Make sure to call your insurance agent as soon as possible. Consider contacting a water removal/fire damage company if you have significant damage. They can make temporary repairs and dry things out.

You may need to contact a trusted roofing contractor in Bellevue WA. Choose a local company with a history of serving your community. Be careful with people who come to your home or place of business wanting to fix your roof cheaply. Legitimate contractors do not show up unsolicited after disasters.

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