Finding Proper Conduct Disorder Treatment


To find the proper treatment for conduct disorder, one would have to fully understand what conduct disorder is and a facility that can properly assist is learning about it and how to cope. Conduct disorder treatment El Paso, TX believes that every individual deserves the chance to be happy and live as well as he or she can no matter if they are seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction or trying to learn how to cope with a mental illness disorder. The conduct disorder treatment,  El Paso TX offers many individuals different services whether they be intensive in-patient or outpatient, group therapy and/or individual settings.

What is Conduct Disorder?
Commonly associated as an issue that starts during childhood and grows through adolescence, conduct disorder encompasses individuals who may have, but are not limited to, issues with authority. Compulsory lying and theft, accompanied by constant disregard for rules, vandalism and aggression that persists for periods of time longer than six months’ are the primary diagnostic features of this particular disorder. The multifactorial etiology of conduct disorder also includes familial, psychosocial and biological factors. There are other mental disorders that encompass similar features, which are:

• ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder)
• Mood and intermittent explosive disorder
• Oppositional defiant disorder

Treatment Plans
Treatment plans for these types of mental health issues always include individual and group therapy because the issues consistently commence from early childhood and worsen over time. Conduct disorder treatment El Paso, TX also focuses on the environment in which the patient lives, offers psycho and pharmacotherapy accompanied by parental counseling and more cognitive/behavioral coping techniques.

It is Not Just a Phase
Nine times out of ten, parents are led to believe that their children, both young and older, are just going through a phase. Whether it is an adjustment to a new school or preadolescence, parents often think that these issues will iron themselves out with more strict rules and guidance. This is not always the case because more often than not – the children are acting out because something is bothering them and they do not know how to properly communicate the issue and/or cope with them in a positive way. Negative behavior warrants attention and some attention, whether it is positive or negative – is better than none at all. Fortunately for places services that the conduct disorder treatment El Paso, TX can offer as well as many other facilities is an outlet for children and teens to let out what is bothering them and learn how to turn it around without being defiant.

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