Clothing Designed with a Trainers Body in Mind


There is no denying that training for a triathlon requires physical, mental and emotional preparation like never before. The training process takes a great deal of dedication and always requires a persistent type of person to commit to the entire process. There are a variety of options available for training and no matter which route is taken, it is necessary to have comfortable triathlon gear to wear throughout training and the race. Tri Suits are designed with a trainer’s body in mind. Training is meant to be intense, challenging and most of all motivating and in order to get the most from it, always dress the part.

The Clothing Factor

It is imperative to ponder which clothing to wear based on the route and length of the race in which you will be competing.  For Olympic and sprint categorized triathlons, the distances are short enough for both genders, that they can utilize triathlon tri suits or triathlon shorts that have very little padding and without pockets.  For a top, it is suggested to wear a snug fitting singlet or tank top for men. A tankini or a racer back top for women is what some choose to wear. To reduce the presence of drag in the water during the swim portion, a snug style top will generally help to deliver better performance or race time unlike the loose tops that could possibly cause a heavier drag with more water retention.

What Not to Wear

There are some athletes who prefer not to wear a simple pair of shorts and a shirt. They instead prefer to dress the part and look like an athlete with a plan. This is a feeling shared by many who are preparing to participate in a triathlon because the intensity of training makes them an athlete in every sense of the word. For those who prefer tri clothing, a triathlon tri suit is clearly a great idea. It is typically very close in fit and when worn presents a feeling of hydrodynamic. Choosing a suit that is loose in fit could leave a drag that diminishes the finish of the race. If choosing clothing for your first tri event, speak with some who has tried the tri suits and gain an experienced perspective on how they affect the flow of the athlete during the race.


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