Ensure Proper Stopping Power Using the Right Brake Parts in North Dakota

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Antiques and Collectibles

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No matter how hard you work to keep your vehicle running it is just as important to ensure it stops properly. Stopping a moving vehicle actually requires a lot of effort which is why automotive brakes operate the way they do. There are two basic types of vehicle brakes. The older version is called drum brakes while the newer method is termed disc brakes. Drum brakes work by pressing a set of brake shoes against the wheel drum. This is a round cover that connects the wheel to the axle or front end. The disc brake works by pushing a set of disc pads against a wheel rotor. Like the drum cover, the rotor connects the wheel to the axle. The most commonly replaced Brake Parts in North Dakota are the brake shoes or brake pads.



Since brake pads have been in use for several decades they are now the most common form of friction braking on most vehicles. However, certain models may have brake pads on the front and shoes on the rear. This is because most of the stopping power needs to be on the front wheels. It is not uncommon for the rear shoes to last through two or more sets of front pads. Wear on the pads will also depend on your driving and how abruptly you stop the vehicle.



Other important brake parts include hoses and calipers. In most cases the calipers can be rebuilt. This means that you can replace the internal seals so the caliper will move properly without leaking brake fluid or drawing air into the lines. Air in a brake line is a deadly thing because it can cause the brakes to fail. You can usually feel if your brakes have air in them because the pedal will feel soft or spongy. In cases of severe leaks the pedal will go down to the floor. Another indicator of a brake problem is that awful metal grating sound when the pads wear down. When you hear that noise it is time to replace the pads immediately. If you wait then the rotors will get damaged and may have to be replaced. If you are in need of Brake Parts in North Dakota be sure to Contact Pioneer Rim and Wheel. You can also watch Youtube videos for more information.

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