Money Transfer To India From Canada

by | Oct 30, 2014 | Finance & Money

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Individuals are journeying overseas in larger numbers than before as decent salaried jobs are being offered in the overseas nations. Often, these individuals settle down in these foreign nations permanently as they earn steady incomes there. These individuals remit a slice of their incomes to their families in their home nations. Sending a cheque to the home nation to cover expenses in the home nation is increasingly becoming an outdated practice. Presently, the least expensive way of transferring money to India is over the Internet.


The Internet thus seems to be a sensible option to remit money to India. Currently, using cheques to send money to families can seem like a tiresome, complicated and frustrating process. Some weeks can pass, after which the cheque will arrive in the intended destination through international mail. It may take a few more days for the cheque to clear. Now, you can dispatch money to India from the comfort of your home in a timely and secure way in just a few clicks.


With progress in technology, internet connectivity and standards of banking have become better. Subsequently, the possibilities of money transfer to India from Canada have increased. Now, instead of standing in queue at a money transfer outlet, one can simply dispatch money through the ease of online banking from their home computer. Now, it is easier than ever to transfer money to near and dear ones speedily and competently. The service is accessible, provides multiple payments and delivery modes. It has a worldwide reach and applies the lowest service charges.


RemitGuru is a personalized online remittance facility offered by Avenues, India’s chief ecommerce service provider. RemitGuru facilitates speedy, streamlined and secure money transfer to India from abroad. The service is user-friendly, convenient and has a worldwide reach. It offers the lowest service charges.

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