Emergencies Happen: Pediatric Urgent Care in Carlsbad

Emergencies Happen: Pediatric Urgent Care in Carlsbad

Raising children can be challenging at times. It can also be frightening when they are sick or injured. Often parents try to decide if an illness warrants an emergency room visit, or if it can wait until morning to see the regular doctor. The situation can also be complicated by weekend and holiday emergencies. Some hospitals have been smart to set up urgent care centers to accommodate this need without parents having to spend hours at the hospital.

Hours of Operation

Urgent care centers are often open in the hours that regular doctors are not. Some operate 24/7, while others open soon after the regular doctor’s office closes for the day. If you have a sick child after office hours you can go straight to the pediatric urgent care for the same care and concerns you would at your own pediatrician.


Pediatric urgent care in Carlsbad can help you with many of the same problems that can be handled in a regular hospital emergency room. There is much of the same machinery for things like X-rays. The staff is also made up of qualified doctors and nurses. They usually take many different types of medical insurance to make the visit affordable and convenient. If the emergency exceeds what can be handled at their office, an ambulance will transport you to a regular hospital for more specialized care. However, most situations can be handled appropriately at pediatric urgent care.

When to Use Urgent Care

Parents know when they see something they cannot handle without a doctor. Accidents happen occasionally when kids are playing and running around. Broken bones, large cuts, and high fevers are all obvious signs that a pediatric urgent care visit is necessary. However, there are other times when you may not be sure if you should go or not. If your child is not feeling well, but doesn’t seem bad enough for an emergency visit, always err on the side of caution. It is better to go in and have the doctor tell you everything is fine, than to have your child get worse later. Many pediatricians have an after hour’s emergency number to call where a nurse will talk to you about the seriousness of the situation. However, in a true emergency, it is best to head to the care center or call an ambulance to help you get there.

Emergencies can be emotional and frightening, try to stay calm and get your child to the right medical establishment as quickly as possible. After an emergency visit, you will probably need to follow up with your regular pediatrician. The new care centers can save you a lot of time by offering shorter wait times, convenient locations, and specialized pediatric doctors.

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