Crack Repair in Natick MA: Causes of Cracks Formation


Seeing cracks on the concrete walls and basement of your commercial or residential building is the last thing you want to imagine after you have invested all your money constructing it. Many building owners use different ways to maintain the concrete in and around their buildings appealing and attractive, as they consider it their main surrounding landscape.

Painting is one of the ways they use to improve the appearance of their concrete though cracks fail them from time to time. However, it is easier to maintain the beauty of your concrete and basement with the help of professionals who offer Crack Repair in Natick MA. These experts will also help you know the different factors that influence development of cracks in your basement and concrete walls, and they are:

Temperature fluctuation

The concrete of your buildings will contract when the temperatures fall and expand when they rise. Temperature fluctuations make the surface concrete of your building cool and contract, as the interior concrete continues to expand and increase causing cracks.

Metal corrosion

Construction contractors mostly use metals such as steel to reinforce the concrete particles together to increase the strength and durability of your building. Over time, the metals they embed start to corrode and form rust coat on the metal surfaces. The rust coat eventually takes a bigger space on the metals and stretch towards the inside of the concrete. The stretching pressure increases the stress on the building causing cracks on the concrete.

Shrinkage and water evaporation

Shrinkage is the major cause of crack development in most concrete buildings. Most builders mix the concrete with water to work with it easily. However, the concrete will not only harden and dry, but it will also shrink, as the water evaporates from it. Professional contractors advise you not to mix concrete with too much water because water evaporation and shrinkage will increase.

To repair all the minor and major cracks on your concrete building in a professional way, you should contact qualified and experienced contractors at Drycrete Waterproofing. They provide full-service crack repair and waterproofing services in industrial, commercial and residential concrete buildings. Their prices are competitive and their services are customer-satisfaction oriented. You can contact them at Drycrete Waterproofing.

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