Gas Fireplaces – The Direct Vent Model


Fireplaces are something that one person alone or an entire family can enjoy. There’s something about the heat that comes from a fireplace that just helps you relax on a cold winter night. Fireplaces of the past produced a lot of smoke and soot which eventually had to be cleaned up by someone. Today’s modern gas fireplaces avoid all of that cleanup – they burn gas very efficiently and heat up a living space very quickly. One example of these modern fireplaces is the direct vent fireplace unit. These units are significantly more efficient than the old fireplace the past in which much of the heat was lost, never making it into the room to be heated.

The direct vent gas unit uses a metal box made in the factory and framed into a particular wall of your living area. New homes are sometimes built with these units already constructed. You can also have a direct vent gas fireplace unit installed into your existing home with some reasonably moderate modifications.

Modern Fireplace Features

Even if you currently have an old wood burning chimney in place, you can install a modern gas fireplace. These units vent noxious gases through the wall of your living area to the outside air. They are highly efficient. The system that operates these units uses a combustion sealed system that enables an efficient distribution of heat throughout the living space while keeping contaminated gases out of the living area and filtered to the outside air.


Modern gas fireplaces are quite easy to install. One important aspect of installation is the routing of the venting to the outside air. This can be done using rigid or flexible piping that travels from the unit wall to the outside. Flexible pipes are convenient in that they can be maneuvered around obstacles quite easily. You may want to have your venting angle at a 45 degree angle from the top portion of the unit on the right side to the outside air for an optimum venting route.

These units can be placed in various rooms including the bedroom, living room, office, basement, den, or other type of commonly used room.

Don’t forget about selecting the right color and style to match your interior décor. You can find various options regarding these features to ensure your gas fireplace unit matches well with the other characteristics of your space.

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