Comparing Materials for Crack Repair in Westford MA


Epoxies and polyurethane are common materials for concrete crack repair in Westford MA. Epoxy materials are not ideal for basements and foundations for a few reasons. First, they are slow to dry, which means they are difficult to use to repair active cracks. Homeowners, or business owners, would have to wait until there was no water coming through the crack to have it repaired. Depending on how much time passes, the crack can become larger, destroy property or carpeting, and result in more expensive repairs. Once in place, the epoxy material is not flexible. That means it will not shift and move as the concrete does. Settling foundations, wet and dry spells, and varying temperatures cause concrete to contract and expend. The epoxy will crack and fail under those conditions. Owners would be facing frequent repairs, and high costs.

Polyurethane is a bit more effective. It is fast-acting, so it can be used on active cracks and leaks. It also fills in cracks completely, so there are no capillaries or splinter cracks left untreated. Depending on the brand, and the specific ingredients, some polyurethane products are toxic. Some are carcinogenic, which means they have been linked to certain types of cancers. For fixing a few cracks, that may not be a problem, but it is a consideration, especially for homeowners. Other issues with this material include a tendency to shrink, and a tendency to absorb water. That means it will cease to be effective for longer duration.

Another material for Crack Repair in Westford MA is a line of resins called Dry-Seal 5000. It is only available through licensed and factory trained certified contractors and companies. The resins are flexible and fast-acting so they fill an entire crack or pores in concrete, and stop active leaks. The material adheres to concrete so it effectively repairs damaged concrete, as well as fills cracks. The resin resists cracking and chipping that can occur with other materials when a foundation shifts, or thermal cycles change. Thermal cycles refer to wet and dry conditions, as well as extremes in temperature that cause freezing and thawing to happen in quick succession. The product is backed by a lifetime guarantee, and is environmentally-friendly. Homeowners can browse our website for detailed information about Dry-Seal, to see a comparison chart of repair materials, and to get a free estimate for services.

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