CNC Machine Services: Improving On Basic Machining

CNC Machine Services: Improving On Basic Machining

Essentially, machining involves taking a piece of metal, plastic or other material and cutting it into a specified shape or format. The process requires controlled removal of excess material. The terminology applied to such a process is subtractive manufacturing. Controlling this reductive or subtractive work is often computer numerical control (CNC) technology. Indeed, providing CNC machine services is the norm for many machine shops who wish to expand their operations beyond the basics.

What Is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is not a singular action. It refers to a multi-staged process. As a workpiece proceeds through the shop, it is possible to improve basic machining services by value-added work. The addition of these value-added services to the basic process increases the ability or a machine shop to expand its customer base. CNC machining adds the capability of a computer directed and controlled capability to basic machining services. Among the conventional equipment, it is able to manipulate, are:

Centre lathes

Drilling, milling and turning, all form one component of the three principal machining processes. In addition, CNC machine services can expand into and control other miscellaneous operations such as:


Such facets can increase the ability of a machine shop to attract customers. The shops that utilize CNC machining centers are the most capable of offering all kinds of milling as well as other options. Other options that can improve the capabilities of a shop are the installation of CNC drill and tap centers, CNC grinders, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and CNC turning centers.

Machine Shop Services

Machine shops are able to offer their clients a variety of services. Some restrict their market while others work to expand it. One way of taking a shop to the next level is to invest in CNC. By including CNC machining services, shops – both large and small – to expand their customer base by including various value-added options.

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