Create Extra Sparkle with Champagne Foil Capsules


Because it is the traditional celebratory drink, champagne is always known for creating a festive mood. The right packaging, however, can make champagne look even more festive for consumers.

Champagne foil capsules are a great way to add that extra sparkle to your champagne and sparkling wine bottles. Foil capsules shimmer and come in several colors so that you can match these perfectly to your bottles and labels.

Champagne foil capsules do more than just look great, however. These help ensure that your product is appropriately sealed, yet easy to open. Sparkling wines require precise capping, and a good seal to protect the carbonation. Foil capsules help ensure this seal without preventing the customer from quick and safe opening when the time comes.

Talk with your vendor about the best champagne foil capsules for your product. There are several skirt options to best suit your bottle. In addition, your foil caps can be printed or hot stamped to create a unique design. Foil capsules are a perfect choice for sparkling products, as these fit beautifully and are easy to create and use. You can buy in bulk and save money, too.

Your vendor can provide you with expert advice on choosing the right champagne foil capsules to both protect your product and present a beautiful and celebratory image to your customers. Provide your vendor with a sample bottle so that they can get to work creating your capsules right away. They can provide you with images of capsules that have been hot stamped and printed so that you can choose the right option for your products.

Champagne foil capsules can solve your capsule problems for all your sparkling wines without a lot of hassle. These capsules are a simple way to ensure your bottles are capped in style!

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