Value-Added Factors to Consider When Using A PVC Shrink Capsule


There is a trend with some wineries and distilleries to move away from using a shrink capsule on their products. While it is true that modern bottling technology no longer requires the shrink capsule to protect the wine or the spirits as much as in the past, it still serves the purpose of protecting the cork or the cap.

The use of a PVC shrink capsule, either in a standard color or as a branded addition to the bottle, is an economical way to add a touch of color and a unique look to the wine or spirit. However, there are other value-added options found with these easy to apply wine capsules that make them worth considering for any vineyard or distillery.

Branding Opportunity

One of the advantages of the PVC shrink capsule is the amazing number of standard and custom colors possible for both the background as well as the printing. For a low-cost option, a winery or distillery can choose a bold solid color, immediately making all of their products clearly visible on the store shelf or in a wine rack.

Adding branding to the wine capsule further identifies the winery and provides shoppers with a clear visual of the company name, logo and a message. With different color combinations, this branding can be more subtle or highly visible. Tear tape can be added to the capsule for easy removal.

Customer Confidence with A Tamper Evident Seal

Another benefit of using a PVC shrink capsule is a clearly visible way to provide customers with a feeling of safety when buying the wine. The cork is completely enclosed in the capsule, preventing any type of tampering. This security feature is a factor for many consumers and adds to the reputation of the wine and the winery.

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