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Use Versatile XRF Technology to Tackle Demanding Applications

Use Versatile XRF Technology to Tackle Demanding Applications Versatile XRF technology is relatively low cost and has become quite popular since is easy to use and requires very little sample preparation. The technology itself is quite a popular piece of equipment that can be used for a variety of applications. Specialists at Micro X-Ray Inc. can assist you in discovering the many different ways of using this type of technology and even recommend the x-ray tubes that will perfectly fit your needs. How X-Ray Fluorescence XRF Technology Works Once the energy light waves, photon or x-ray, have been absorbed via an atom, electrons within the inner shell become excited and move to the outer shell, or they are completely removed. This leaves an inner shell that empty. The empty shell is then filled with electrons that come from the outer shell. There is a difference between the energies of the two shells and is known as excess energy that is generated during the process. It’s emitted as fluorescence, or radiation. In any element the difference in energy between two orbital shells carries characteristics of that particular element and is the same. So, emitted light waves always have matching energy. The energy emitted by a sample can be determined using XRF x-ray tubes. They effectively identify any elements involved. The Right X-ray Tubes Are Important for Instrument Performance The daily performance for any instrument is utilized using components that perform reliably, with accuracy and speed. Having the right x-ray tubes also allows for long-term life for analyzers. It is understood that you need top components that perform at their best so you’re able to accomplish your goals. If you have specific needs it’s a good idea to get in contact with x-ray to manufacturers that can design tubes for your specific purpose. For more details visit us at http://www.microxray.com. 2 people like this post. Like...

Common Signs You Need To Find Waukesha Pump Parts

Common Signs You Need To Find Waukesha Pump Parts The full line of Waukesha sanitary pumps is designed for durability and reliability. However, as with any component in a system, there will be the need to provide maintenance as well as an occasional replacement of Waukesha pump parts. Depending on the type of pump there will be different system parts that may need replacement. In most cases, there will be signs of pending issues when most parts need replacement, but some can be more difficult to spot than in sanitary processing and production systems. Seal Problems One of the first signs of wear and tear on Waukesha pump parts is often decreased pumping ability. This is often noted with poor pressure through the system or constant changes in the pressure. Depending on the model and type of pump, it may be a problem with the seals. This will be seen on the Waukesha Universal 2 pump that uses an O-ring on both the back and front of the rotors. When the seals fail to hold, fluid can get into the rotor and pump shaft area, causing performance issues. O-rings are a very low-cost part to replace and are used on the Universal 1 model. The Universal 2 or U2 pump uses a mechanical seal, which is long lasting even though it is more expensive to replace. Bearings As part of the annual maintenance recommendations for all types of Waukesha pumps, checking the bearings will be a necessary task. Common signs of bearing failures are most often seen when the pump is overloaded, incorrectly sized for the system or when there is a failure to provide correct lubrication. Overheating of the pump can also be a contributing factor to bearing issues. Most suppliers that stock Waukesha pump parts will have both seals and bearings as regular in-stock items. This will allow quick shipping of the parts needed to complete the repair. Be the first to like. Like...

Choosing Between New And Used Boat Trailers For Sale

Choosing Between New And Used Boat Trailers For Sale If you are like most boat owners of a larger speed or power boat, luxury yacht, sailboat or even a commercial fishing boat, finding the right trailer should be a priority. The trailer has to be capable of safely transporting the boat and also in providing a reliable method for loading and unloading. The two basic options in all types of boat trailers for sale is to choose new trailers or to select used trailers. Both can be a good option based on budget, trailering requirements as well as the reputation of the manufacturer and seller. To help compare the two, a closer look at the perks of each option of boat trailers for sale will be important to allow easy differentiation between the two. Benefits of New Trailers Buying new boat trailers from the manufacturer offers several benefits. This includes a warranty as well as the ability to work directly with the manufacturer if there are any concerns about the trailer. Additionally, a well-maintained trailer can easily last for as long as the boat. This makes it a cost-effective purchase over its lifetime. The best manufacturers can also customize the trailer for the needs of a particular boat and boat owner. This specialization or customization will make transporting the boat, including the loading and unloading process, much easier and safer. Considerations of Old Trailers When considering used boat trailers for sale, it is highly recommended to only buy from a dealer or a manufacturer handling their own line of trailers. This ensures that the used trailer is in good, sound condition and that there are no undisclosed issues with the trailer. Buying privately, particularly for the customized larger sizes of boat trailers, is a buyer beware situation. Often the small amount of savings in a private sale is offset by the risk the buyer is taking as to the actual condition and shape of the trailer, brakes, and hydraulics. Be the first to like. Like...

When To Use Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

When To Use Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers Heat exchangers are used in a wide variety of processing and production systems to utilize the temperature difference between one part of the system to heat or cool another part of the system. In other words, by allowing metal plates or other components, such as coils or tubes, to absorb heat and transfer or exchange it between two different solutions to provide an ideal heating and cooling solution. This works well with liquids that are very free-flowing and that are easy to move throughout the indirect heat exchanger configuration. However, as the liquids become more viscous and move more slowly through the system, fouling occurs on the plates, fins or other surfaces. In turn, this creates a natural insulating layer that dramatically decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of the heat transfer. To address this issue, scraped surface heat exchangers can be used to replace the more basic types of traditional heat exchangers. Very different in design, these heat exchangers directly address the issue with fouling, slow down of fluid movement towards the outside of the system as well as other factors. Ideal Uses With materials that have high viscosity, including colloids (gels and emulsions) as well as slurries and thick and dense materials that may have liquid and solid elements, the scraped surface heat exchangers offer a much more effective option. With these systems, the heat exchanger includes scrapers that routinely move along the surface, eliminating the chance of fouling. At the same time, these scrapers also direct the cooled or heated material inwards, uniformly allowing for the temperature adjustment and boosting efficiency. With the use of the scraped surface heat exchangers, more consistent pressure and flow can be maintained in the system. With the uniform heating and cooling of the materials through the system, the pressure can be maintained throughout the pipe, preventing variations in flow rate between the surfaces and the middle. Be the first to like. Like...

Tips For Choosing Forklift Batteries in Wisconsin

Tips For Choosing Forklift Batteries in Wisconsin In many transportation hubs, loading docks, warehouses, shipping facilities an around many industrial, processing and manufacturing companies, forklifts are in use all the time. These essential pieces of equipment make easy work of moving stock and inventory, unloading truck, managing warehouses and in bringing raw materials in for processing. The choice of electric forklifts rather than gas or diesel-powered options is on the rise. Cleaner, more environmentally friendly, quieter and easier to maintain, the electric forklift is a great option for both indoor and outside applications. The one issue that does impact the electronic equipment is the choice of the right forklift batteries in Wisconsin and chargers. Choosing the incorrect battery and charger will have short and long-term consequences for the equipment as well as for your budget. Quality Matters One of the biggest mistakes made is to buy forklift batteries in Wisconsin based on price alone. Cheap batteries and chargers are readily available, and they may initially look like a good option. The problem with these cheap systems is that the batteries just don’t stand up. This is often a combination of cheap battery combined with an ineffective charger the will create excessive heat in charging cycles, resulting in a sharp drop off in battery performance and life. Replacing cheap batteries, a charger over time really adds up. It also increases the risk of problems with the battery that may impact other electrical components on the forklift. Equipment Needs In addition to top quality forklift batteries in Wisconsin, it is also important to choose a battery based on the needs of the equipment. The longer or more frequently the forklift is used combined with the number of shifts at the facility needs to be considered to determine the correct batteries, battery configuration and the specific type of charchcharger to purchase. Be the first to like. Like...

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