Brow Lift Surgery in Dallas – Conventional and Endoscopic


A popular type of cosmetic surgery is a forehead lift or brow lift. Dallas, TX is one city served by certified plastic surgeons to provide this type of services. For this cosmetic procedure, a small incision is applied to the forehead to remove excess tissue and fat. This smooths out deep forehead lines and furrows. Sometimes the surgery is carried out in conjunction with other surgeries such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), hair transplants, face lift, or fat transfers.

The procedure usually takes 1 to 2 hours and is done on an outpatient basis utilizing local anesthesia.

The Two Types of Brow Lift Surgery

Two major types of forehead surgeries are often used. These include the conventional and endoscopic methods. With conventional method, a single long incision is made between the ears and over the forehead. The skin of the forehead is lifted and the excess fat tissue and skin are trimmed. Any necessary repositioning of the muscles is carried out as well. Finally, the incision is closed with clips, stitches, and bandaging applied. After two days, the bandages may be removed. The stitches will be in place for about two weeks.

With the endoscopic brow lift method, the scalp receives a number of small incisions. To the use of an endoscopic tool a visual map of the four head will be created while another instrument is placed into the same incision to lift and remove skin, muscle, in fact. Finally, the incisions are closed and after one week, the sutures or screws are removed.

The Day of Surgery

The surgery may be performed at a hospital, surgeon’s office, or an outpatient facility. The procedure will generally take about two hours and you will be let go the same day. You will need another person to drive you home, however. Your doctor can advise you on the other possible necessities if you live alone.

Although local anesthesia is usually used, you may request anesthesia available put you to sleep during the procedure. The doctor will cover the area with the bandage after the procedure. It is important to take care of the bandage properly according to the instructions provided, including when you should change the bandage.

Many patients return to work or school within 10 days or sooner after a brow lift procedure. The amount of recovery time can vary depending on individual and the type of procedure received.

After your home and recovering, it’s important to avoid vigorous activities and exercises including heavy lifting during the first few weeks after surgery.

Generally, the side effects of the procedure are minimal. However, certain complications can occur, including scars, infection, loss of sensation around the surgery site, and eyebrow movement. These are, however, rare side effects.

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