Having Wallpaper Covered up by a Residential Painter in Tacoma WA


A Residential Painter in Tacoma WA can advise customers whether it would be better to remove wallpaper or just paint over it. The answer may depend on the specific situation. In most cases, painters recommend taking the paper down to achieve the best paint finish. However, the customer may be happy with a coat of paint over the material to give the room a fresh look.

The Condition of the Paper

One point to consider is the condition of the wallpaper. If the paper is flaking and falling off or is otherwise damaged, removing it may be the best option. The painter may be able to remove any damaged sections and glue peeling paper back to the wall before applying paint.

Preventing Future Peeling

Attempting to remove very old wallpaper can actually cause damage to the walls since it has been adhered there so long. In addition, there may be another layer of paper underneath that top one that nobody knows about. Applying adhesive to the seams, especially at the ceiling and floor levels, can prevent future peeling. Another option is for the painter to apply a product that is a combination of primer and sealer to the wallpaper.

Texture of the Paper

Another consideration is the texture of the paper, which will show through the paint to a certain extent. This can be aesthetically pleasing or it can be disruptive, depending on how the customer’s specific preferences. A Residential Painter in Tacoma WA can apply spackle to the wallpaper before painting to make the texture smoother if desired.

Short-Term Improvements

A third aspect is whether the homeowners plan to keep the room as it is for many years to come, or if they just want it to look nicer before they start major renovations in a year or two. They may have bought a place in which one room has wallpaper that is undeniably ugly or a color they dislike, and they don’t want to look at this every day. A painter from an organization like Tracy’s Quality Painting can spruce the room up with a pleasing hue that eradicates the wallpaper from view.

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