Benefits of Choosing Wood for Your Gauged Ears


Earrings meant for gauged or stretched ears come in a variety of styles and materials. Everything from rubber and plastic to fine metals and even stone can be used, but one of the most popular choices in recent years has been organic wood. Here are some of the top reasons to choose wood plug earrings, and how they aren’t such a new concept after all.

Wood is Hygienic

Wooden plug earrings have been shown to harbor fewer bacteria and need less cleaning than traditional metals and plastic used in previous decades. They are easy to wear, easy to clean and easy to maintain the look of for years.
Wood is Versatile

Natural woods come in a variety of colors, from pale and creamy shades too dark, robust hues that draw the eye of the beholder. Woods are also easily customizable, as carvings and etchings can be done on the surface, while inserts and embellishments can be readily added, as well. Whatever aesthetic you’re looking for, today’s retailers of wooden body jewelry have it to offer!

Wood is Comfortable

Polished, finished wood earrings can be very comfortable. Because of their light weight, wood plugs are great for those who don’t want a heavy feeling in the ears but still, want a statement piece.

Good Enough for the Ancients, Good Enough for Us!

Other cultures have been designing wood plug earrings for centuries. Ancient African cultures have been shown to have stretched their ears with graduated twigs and sticks polished down for comfort, and an early model of today’s wooden earrings. Aside from being readily available, these earrings were lightweight, easy to craft and fairly comfortable – and also simple to replace, should the need arise. It was everything active cultures needed then, and everything modern wearers should look for in a plug today!

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