What Should You Know About Wills and Estates Law in Kendallville, IN?


Estate planning is vital to ensuring a person’s assets are handled according to their wishes when they die. This planning also outlines a person’s wishes, should they become incapacitated. It is important adults of all ages seek estate planning, but the process can sometimes be confusing. It is wise for a person to learn all they can about the wills and estates law in Kendallville, IN before they start the process.

Indiana Laws on Wills and Estates

There are a few laws that relate to wills and estates in the state of Indiana. Meeting with a lawyer will allow individuals to learn more about the following laws that govern how wills need to be drawn up so they are considered legally binding in the state.

* A will can be drawn up by any individual over the age of eighteen that is of a sound mind.

*  The law requires a will to be signed in front of at least two witnesses and those witnesses must sign in front of the testator.

* Oral wills are generally not accepted except in cases where a death results from immediate peril and the oral will was witnessed by two disinterested individuals.

Meeting with a Lawyer

Although a person has the right to write up their own will without legal help, this is generally not advised. The main reason for writing a will is to ensure the wishes of the deceased are carried out. If a will is not legally drawn up, there can be loopholes and other issues that get the state involved. Without a will in place, the state of Indiana decides who gets the deceased’s assets and this generally begins with the surviving spouse and then the children if there is no spouse.

Working with a lawyer helps to ensure the will and all aspects of estate planning are legal and binding. A lawyer can sometimes help their client with issues that could arise in probate. The lawyer can also explain the wills and estates law in Kendallville, IN.

To learn more about these laws and how a lawyer can help, contact the office of Yoder & Kraus. They will help you through each step in the process of estate planning.

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