Be Your Own Barista! How to Choose the Best Espresso Machines in New York City for Your Home


Many people today want to grind their own beans and pull their own espresso, thus, espresso machines are booming. Doing this is tricky though with no prior coffee experience. So, here are a few tips to choose the best Espresso Machines in New York City.

First, you need to consider what kind of machine you want to buy.

There are:

  • Manual machines example: Rancilio Silvia
  • Semi-Automatic machines example: Gaggia Classic
  • Automatic machines example: Juro Capresso J6

The last two are the most popular among consumers, however, if you really want to get hands-on, a manual machine is the choice for you.

The next choice you need to make is whether you want to invest or save. Most coffee professionals will advise you to buy an expensive, sturdy machine from a reliable company made out of the three acceptable boiler metals: brass, stainless steel or aluminum.

  • Brass is recommended for the best extended use and will resist bacteria and will resist corrosion.
  • Stainless Steel will resist corrosion, but is more bacteria prone.
  • Aluminum is loads cheaper, but will end up corroding the quickest.

You could always go the route of buying a cheaper machine, but you will eventually end up paying more for things since they will break more often.
Make sure that whatever machine you decide to buy, you get a machine that:

  • has replaceable parts
  • is user-friendly
  • is easy to clean
  • has good safety features (no huge known malfunctions)

Overall, no espresso machine is going to be perfect, so just pick the best fit for you! If you are on a budget but want a good cup of joe, explore your options. If you have some cash to spend, check out the pricey acclaimed espresso machines with warranties. Since some higher-end machines can last over a decade, make sure to choose wisely, and think somewhat long-term. Do I want a machine on the counter all the time? Do I want to have to clean the machine every time I use it? Do I want a good steam wand to make milk foam now and then?

Ask yourself the important questions! Then, choose the best espresso machines for you! Contact Espresso RMI Inc to help you find the best Espresso Machines in New York City.

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