Wholesale Tortillas in New York City Create the Foundation for a Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Wholesale Tortillas in New York City Create the Foundation for a Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Many people think of Mexican food as being high in calories and fat, but many of those dishes have been Americanized to a certain extent to appeal to a love for meals laden with meat and cheese. It’s entirely possible to eat an abundance of Mexican food every week and focus on healthier possibilities in the cuisine. Restaurants serving these delightful dishes may purchase wholesale tortillas in New York City so they can offer meals in wraps, including burritos and enchiladas.


For a healthier style of eating, a tortilla has significantly fewer calories than most slices of bread do. One flour or corn tortilla provides the foundation for a lunch, as opposed to two slices of bread for a sandwich. That wrap can be stuffed with lean meat like grilled chicken or fish, along with hearty, healthy vegetables for a filling and delicious pile of food.


Tortillas can be used for breakfast foods too. Combining eggs and steak or a reasonable amount of pork sausage is a nutritious way to start the day when physical activity is on the schedule. Information about Best Mexican Foods, a supplier of tortillas and many other ingredients can be viewed at the website.

Vegetarian Options

People who are accustomed to Mexican cuisine from fast-food joints and have never tried more authentic selections will be pleased when they experience the flavor sensations at a better restaurant. After buying Wholesale Tortillas in New York City, a chef might offer vegetarian options that include burritos, enchiladas and soft-shell tacos filled with unexpected vegetable items. Portobello mushrooms and sweet potatoes are examples of components that can be included with tomatoes, onions and black olives.

Meal Preparation Methods

Lunches and dinners crafted with these tortillas are prepared and served in two primary ways. One is to warm the tortilla and then fill it with ingredients. The other is to fill the tortilla and bake the whole mixture until it’s thoroughly heated. Hot sauce can be ladled on this or baked on top. Authentic Mexican cuisine usually is served with a scattering of cheese or light cheese sauce instead of being smothered in the substance, as that overwhelms the more subtle flavors.

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