Why Choose a Standby Backup Generator?


Residential self-contained generators serve two purposes. One is automatic start-up in the event of a power failure and the other is provision of essential electrical energy to designated appliances, rooms, tools and devices. There are several issues to consider when deciding whether to choose a residential generator versus a portable unit.

The Reliability

The biggest difference between these types of generators from portable units, in addition to mobility, is that residential backup generators are typically designed to stay connected to home circuits through the main electrical panel. This allows a generator to start two ways automatically. It can start with an automatic transfer switch or by a push button at the start of a power failure. A portable unit, on the other hand, may require refueling, deployment of storage and connection to home circuits. For a residential emergency generator, an automatic change in the generated power normally takes between ten and thirty seconds.

Real Advantages

An additional advantage of a Guardian automatic generator in Elmhurst is that the addition of an uninterrupted power supply battery can ensure that the power remains on even while switching to the generated power. This is essential for a range of uses ranging from preserving data on a computer to provide uninterrupted power to a medical device at home. Depending on power requirements and other factors, going with a permanent backup generator may be the logical choice.

Clear Choices

There are two considerations to weigh, the first being the power requirements for appliances, parts and appliances that must remain on during a breakdown. Refrigerators and air conditioners, for example, require high starting and running time. The addition of other energy requirements can easily require the higher output power of a residential backup generator. The second consideration is whether a generator that meets the needs of the home can easily be installed in the event of a breakdown. The weight of the unit, the severity of the local weather and the difficulty of moving it must be taken into account. Most people find that standby units are far superior.

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