Accepting Change: Adjusting to Life at a Nursing Home in Plainville, CT

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Healthcare

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When the time has come for you to help a loved one find a comfortable Nursing Home in Plainville CT, it will likely be a difficult and emotional experience for everyone involved. Helping family members to adjust to this change in their life is difficult but transition can be made easier for everyone. Here are some tips for assisting loved ones as they move into a new phase of their life.

Be Patient

Many seniors experience a wide array of emotions throughout the relocation process. These can be depression, anger and even confusion. Remember they are saying goodbye to a home they may have lived in for decades. Allow them the time to deal with their feelings of loss and grief and try not to personalize the anger they direct towards you.

Talk Honestly

Ask questions about how they feel and why they feel that way. Stress the benefits of moving, rather than focusing on the reasons. Remind them of the new activities they will be able to enjoy, the new people they will meet and how much easier it will be when they no longer need to do everything for themselves.

Reassure Them

Many older people worry they are being put “in a home” so their family can forget about them. Reassure them that this is not the case. Make plans with them for lunch or to play cards, but only when you know you will be able to keep those plans.

Visit Before Moving

Make certain your family member has been able to tour the facility and meet the staff before moving day. By becoming familiar with the surroundings, they will be able to feel more relaxed and comfortable about the move.

Be There From Start to Finish

Help them while they pack, during the move and to unpack to help ease both the physical and emotional stress they are feeling. Give yourself plenty of time for each of these tasks so no one feels rushed or agitated.

Every person is different and how easily and quickly each adjust to their new surroundings will vary. As long as you have chosen a qualified Nursing Home in Plainville CT with a professional staff, amenities and comfortable living spaces, your loved one will settle in quickly and learn to love the attentiveness and safety. To learn more about assisted living facilities, Contact Shady Oaks Assisted Living for more information.

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