How to Choose a Quality Vanity in Rockland County NY

How to Choose a Quality Vanity in Rockland County NY

The vanity is a focal point in most bathrooms. Whether a homeowner is renovating an existing bathroom or building a new one, selecting the proper vanity is a top priority. Discover simple ways to choose a quality Vanity in Rockland County NY.

Measurements Matter

The vanity needs to fit into the designated space and still allow movement throughout the bathroom. Measure the area to determine the width, length, and depth of the vanity. Consider these measurements when shopping for a vanity that is functional and fits into the allotted area.

Think About the Sink

Some people prefer a single sink in a vanity to have more usable counter space. Others have a heavily trafficked bathroom and need to have double sinks. The vanity should be able to accommodate the sink or sinks and still offer room for practical use.

Types of Sinks

Beyond having one or two sinks, there are a variety of fixtures to consider. An under-mount is installed under the counter while a vessel rests on top of it. An integrated sink is part of the vanity while a drop in offers a contrasting look. Other variations include the color of the back-splash and the style faucet to match the room.

Keeping Mounting in Mind

Another factor to review when choosing a Vanity in Rockland County NY is the type of mounting. A freestanding vanity has legs while a mounted vanity is smaller and attached to the wall. A corner vanity can be an excellent choice for a small or half bathroom.

Vanity Designs

A vanity can be as unique as the bathroom where it will be used. Vanities come in many materials with hardware to suit all types of bathroom designs and decor. The counter is often made from ceramic or marble in many different designs and hues.

Property owners can visit Ramapowholesalers.com to learn more about the different vanities and fixtures for bathroom projects. There are beautiful vanities that suit any bathroom design and budget. Work with industry professionals who can help consumers with details ranging from measurements to matching designs and the installation of a quality vanity.

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