Working With Steel Pipe Suppliers: Tips For Contractors

Working With Steel Pipe Suppliers: Tips For Contractors

On small to large projects, one of the critical factors for staying on time and on budget, is to have the best quality materials delivered on time as they are needed. Finding quality steel pipe suppliers that also provide valves, fittings and other pipe needs for the job can help to simplify the procurement and delivery process.

Know Your Material Needs

Before contacting any steel pipe suppliers, take the time to consider all of your pipe, valve and fitting needs for the job. This will include all types of carbon and stainless steel pipe, valves and fittings, but don’t forget about chrome, iron, composite, copper or cement lined pipe and their respective valves and fittings.

By placing one order with one supplier, managing the procurement of materials is much easier and more efficient. As the supplier can assist with options to consider that will meet all regulations but may offer a lower cost or a longer life cycle option, this can be a cost-saving factor.

A few suppliers also provide exotic types of alloys for extremely challenging types of applications. Superalloys and other specialty pipes, such as titanium or aluminum-bronze, can be used in different industrial applications to provide specific characteristics for specialized processes.

Know The Scope of the Job

Many large-scale projects will be completed in phases or stages. Working with experienced steel pipe suppliers can help you to coordinate delivery of pipes, valves, and fittings on a Just-In-Time type of delivery option. This will limit the on-site inventory storage that will need to be managed, secured and monitored, plus it is ideal for waterworks projects where there may be hundreds of miles of pipe to install.

It is well worth a few minutes of time to go online and find out as much as possible able the supplier. The length of time in the business and the types of projects the company has supplied materials for is a good way to evaluate their ability to meet your needs.

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