What Can Plastic Molding Services Do For Your Business?

What Can Plastic Molding Services Do For Your Business?

There are approximately 16,000 different plastic molding companies in the United States with the capability to work with small to large OEMs in the production of plastic parts, components, and devices. Not all of these companies offer all types of plastic molding, but the top companies will provide dip, blow, and injection molding as well as extrusion and other services.

Business Model Options

All of these companies are not operating on the same business model. Many of the largest companies offer specific plastic molding services, with the customers needs less of the focus and a greater emphasis on fitting the customer into an existing service category.
Other companies, which may also offer high volume production capacity, are more geared towards customizing the services provided to the customer. These are the companies with a focus on offering a full scope of services including engineering and design, precision and quality controlled plastic molding operations and also secondary operations.

What to Consider

For a small to large OEM, the option to customize what is needed in plastic molding services from a given service provider offers some important points to consider. When the plastic company can provide expert engineering and design services, it will free up the in-house team to focus on other issues. The contract manufacturer can also provide full design services, which is an ideal option for an OEM to consider.

With the option to have secondary operations and assembly completed by the same company, logistics, supply chain and cost factors can be more easily managed. With one company completing all the primary and secondary plastic molding services, the OEM is working with one trusted contract manufacturer and not multiple companies.

Additional services offered by the top companies can include in-mold decoration, ultrasonic welding, laser engraving, heat staking and pad printing. Some companies even provide drop shipping and warehousing services, further benefiting the OEM and helping to keep costs low.

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