Women’s Active Wear Essentials

by | Dec 12, 2014 | Shopping

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Active wear can be a confusing term, as many garments which are termed “Active Wear” are actually more suited to lounging and relaxing downtime, whereas there are plenty of casual garments which feature sports inspired styling that make them as good on the pitch or track as sporting clothing. So what are the various types of sports clothing out there and which ones are going to work best for you? Knowing the different types of women’s active wear currently available will help you chose the outfits which best meet your needs. Read on to find out what the main items are and when they might be suitable wardrobe choices.

Sweat Pants/Tops

Sometimes known as tracksuits, the combination of sweatpants and a top is most popular for casual wear rather than as a workout outfit. If you’re looking for fitness clothing, then it’s more usual to wear a tightly fitting pair of leggings for active sports, as looser sweat pants can chafe during fast movement and may snag, causing a slip or fall. Knowing the different types of women’s active wear can help you decide whether you’re looking for sports clothing or simply stylish casual wear.


A sporting staple, leggings are suitable for everything from the gym to the trail. Numerous styles and varieties are on offer, featuring different lengths and a fantastic range of colors and patterns. Leggings intended for sport will usually be made from breathable fabric, enabling you to exercise in comfort. Some may also provide protection from rain and wind, particularly those aimed at runners and other outdoor enthusiasts. The right leggings enable you to exercise without chafing, so ensure that yours fit correctly and are suitable for your intended sport.

Versatile Tops

While tank tops are a popular and versatile sporting favorite, there are lots of other variations on the market which can really enhance your style choices. Longer sleeved workout tops are a great option and may be preferable for covering up those less-than-firm upper arms. Jackets and outer layers provide welcome protection from the elements if outdoor activity is your preference. Crop tops, vests and muscle tops are all well-known designs which make superb active wear choices.

Sports Lingerie

Knowing the different types of women’s active wear is particularly important when it comes to getting the right bra. A supportive, well-fitting under garment is critical when it comes to comfortable exercise. Not only does it ensure that everything remains where it should, but the wrong bra can cause painful rubbing and soreness as well as potentially leading to back problems for some people. A good bra is a workout essential, so make sure you have a number of suitable items in your workout wardrobe.

Tops, jackets, leggings, underwear and sports tops are all readily available from Whatever your active wear wardrobe demands, can provide the outfits you need to work out comfortably while still looking great. Don’t forget to ensure you chose clothing which is intended for your favorite sport. With so many top brands and styles available, why not take advantage of the fresh hot colors and designs out there to ensure your workout wardrobe is so good you won’t want to wear anything else?

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