Basement Waterproofing in Eastbourne – Choosing a Method to Suit Your Property


A house is a big investment and if you want your investment to go a long way, you need to think about property preservation. This can be done in a multitude of ways, such as with basement waterproofing in Eastbourne. Otherwise referred to as basement tanking, it can be completed on properties that have been constructed below or on ground level. Properties of this kind tend to deal with more moisture issues than others and unless waterproofing work is completed, foundation damage might occur. This can cause the property value to depreciate, therefore choosing a suitable method for your property type is crucial.

Signs of a Problem

There are a few ways of detecting a problem, so that you can contact a professional for basement waterproofing in Eastbourne. Dark spots on unfinished concrete walls will indicate a moisture problem, as will the smell of mould or mildew. You should be very concerned if mould has actually started to grow on the walls of your basement, because this means that the problem has escalated to a serious level. Water puddles and previous records that signify moisture issues are a few other signs of a problem.

Cementitious Waterproofing

This is one type of basement waterproofing in Eastbourne that has proven very effective in the past. With this method, water will not be able to enter the building, because the source of the problem will be blocked. First of all, the surface will be prepared, before the masonry surface is coated with basement tanking slurry. The number of coats applied will depend on the seriousness of the problem. Walls will then be breathable and remain dry, thanks to the impermeable surface covering the basement.

External Waterproofing

Another option you might want to talk about in-depth with a professional is external waterproofing. The water passage will be obstructed when external waterproofing is completed. It doesn’t matter what materials were used to construct your property, because external waterproofing is guaranteed to work. The time it takes to apply the waterproof drainage layer is minimal and once applied, the exterior of your premises will constantly be protected, whatever the weather. You might also want to ask an expert about sump pumps and alternative drainage solutions if you are concerned about flooding.

CavityTech Systems Ltd is a company that was founded over 25 years ago & specialises in basement waterproofing in Eastbourne.

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