Wire EDM Services For Hard Metals And Close Tolerance Cutting

Wire EDM Services For Hard Metals And Close Tolerance Cutting

In the past, wire EDM was a last resort. Very few shops chose to have the technology on hand. It did not make economic sense. Today, many machine and metalworking shops offer onsite wire EDM services. It has gone mainstream.

The change is a result of improved technology and awareness. Although the basic principles behind wire EDM remain the same, other factors have made it more accessible and easier to employ. A lower economic investment and improved capabilities of speed and accuracy have resulted in a change of perspective towards wire EDM.


For companies that want accuracy, EDM units are often the best solution. They are excellent when a company needs:

  • Small holes in metal
  • Precision in cutting any object
  • Very close tolerances

As a result, wire EDM services are widely used in the following machining applications:

  • Molds: Types include bend mold, powder metallurgy mold, plastic mold, punch die and squeezing die
  • Mechanical parts: Those unsuited for conventional machining, as well as for forming cutting tools, special gear and various shape holes
  • Complex shapes: This is what companies often employ wire EDM to accomplish

Whenever a customer demands tight tolerances, exacting precision and/or the need to produce complex but delicate geometric shapes out of hard metal, the choice is often Wire EDM. It is capable of doing so swiftly and accurately.

Wire EDM Services

Wire EDM was once a little-used and ignored technology. It was too expensive for many shops to employ. However, today, EDM now has a place in many metalworking and machine shops. Advances in technology have increased the ability of even small shops to afford to offer wire EDM services to their clients. With its capability to deliver tight tolerances for a variety of very specific applications, wire EDM is now an affordable and fast means of meeting customer specifications.

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