Contract Medical Device Assembly Services: Change And Growth

Contract Medical Device Assembly Services: Change And Growth

Over the past decade, the area of contract medical device assembly has undergone significant changes. The market segment continues to grow. So, too, does the overall complexity of the medical devices. Assembly simply is not as simple as it once was.

Changes in Assembly

The direction in assembly processes is increasingly towards automation. Robotics is encroaching in certain areas. While manual work remains, automation and robotics continue to advance. In part, this is the result of the need to increase the speed of production. Medical device companies need the product as soon as possible.

Another factor in the move towards automation is the size, shape, and intricacy of the parts. Medical devices are becoming smaller and more complex. The material can be more challenging for companies to work with. These factors work together to make reliability and quality of the parts and their assembly challenging. Medical device assembly companies are facing these challenges with increased technology and, frequently automation and robotics.


Automation allows a company to adapt to the demands of medical device providers for repeatability, speed, and preciseness. Automated assembly processes allow the companies to:

* Adapt to changes in production lines easily
* Provide flexibility in product lines
* Are increasing affordable
* Can maximize production/assembly lines
* Decrease operational costs without compromising quality

These qualities make automation of assembly lines appealing to many contact medical device providers. In spite of the initial expense, vendors are accepting this approach. Staying ahead in this market requires they utilize the latest technology. By doing so, they can meet and even exceed the current demands of medical device suppliers, the marketplace, and consumers.

Medical Device Assembly Services

The demand for increasingly complex and miniature medical devices is driving the market and pushing competition to find the best solutions. Contract medical device assembly companies are seeking the answers in automation. They are utilizing machines that produce components to the exacting specifications quickly, efficiently and with the preciseness demanded.

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