Why You Should Seriously Consider CEREC Dentistry


The Chairside Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) offers the best in dental restorations. This cutting-edge technology relies on computerized processes for designing and milling perfect fitting restorations. The main selling point of CEREC is that each dental restoration piece is made out of a single porcelain block. There are many reasons to choose a CEREC dentist Jackson Heights NY if you are looking into any kind of dental restoration work or cosmetic procedure.

High quality restoration in one visit

Most dental restorations including veneers, bridges and crowns typically take up to two weeks, and sometimes longer to be made in the lab. CEREC systems use the best in scanning, designing and milling technology to get results in one day. The dentist at Jackson Heights Dental only needs to make the necessary preparations during the appointment and have the restoration work completed in the shortest time possible.

Comfortable fit

Because of how the restorations are designed, your CEREC dentist Jackson Heights NY only needs to make minor adjustments if needed to ensure that the restoration fits comfortably. The restoration fits precisely to your unique bite where the result feels natural.

Natural function

The fact that the restoration is made out of a single ceramic porcelain block makes it extremely durable. This makes the restoration better able to withstand flaws or cracks when biting or chewing.

Fewer appointments

CEREC restorations are typically made in just a few minutes meaning that the procedure can be completed on the same day. This eliminates the need for making several dentists appointments or multiple anesthetic injections. The short time span also makes the experience more comfortable overall.

Faster recovery time

CEREC restorations can be applied to a number of procedures including root canal. A family dentist who uses this technology offers immediate treatment resulting in less irritation. This quick turnaround time also reduces the risk of infection as well as protects the tooth’s structure.

Fewer variations or errors during fabrication

The highly computerized technology ensures that the restorations are produced efficiently and precisely. The milling machine uses 3D images to create the restoration. This accuracy is reflected in the precise and comfortable fit. There are also fewer variations and errors in fabrication because of the minimal human interaction in the design and creation processes.

Biocompatible and metal-free materials

Ceramic porcelain is completely safe and is not harmful to humans. These fillings or restorations do not use mercury or metal which have the potential to cause harmful side effects in some people. In addition to this, CEREC results in a more aesthetically pleasing finish without the unsightly grey lines common with silver fillings. It is for these reasons why you should seriously consider a cosmetic dentist who makes use of CEREC technology for the best result.

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