Three Tips for Selecting a Family Lawyer in Chicago to Assist You Through College Expenses

Three Tips for Selecting a Family Lawyer in Chicago to Assist You Through College Expenses

These days, a college education is seen as one of the key factors of success in today’s society. So if a financially-capable parent refuses to cover the expenses, it could give their children an early handicap, one that could have a negative impact on their careers.

The Law

In Illinois, the 750 III. Law. Con. Stat. § 5/513 states that the court can require parents to provide for the educational expenses of a child, regardless of whether that child is a minor or not, says Child Support Guidelines. So if you want to make sure your child’s college expenses will be covered, hiring a college expense family lawyer in Chicago can help. Here are three useful tips on how to choose an excellent one.

Get referrals or go online

First off, you could always ask your lawyer for advice, if you already have one for your business. A professional referral can lead you to finding the right legal representation and help you need for your case. You could also reach out to the lawyers in your network for a personal referral. And if that still doesn’t pan out, then go online to search for a college expense family lawyer in Chicago.

Consider the basics

You’ll want to hire someone who has the experience and know-how to handle the job. Also, consider hiring a lawyer who has specialized skills and experience with these cases. So that means getting the services of a general practitioner is out of the question. Go for someone with a good court record of settling cases.

Factor in comfort and costs

Lastly, ask about the fees. Make sure you’ve got enough in your budget to take on those costs. Don’t forget to consider comfort level as well. Get a lawyer you feel comfortable with enough so you’ll feel at ease, even when you talk about personal details of the case.

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